Plastic in Doha.


I recently returned from a week long conference in Doha, Qatar.

The city has completely transformed over a handful of years. The skyline is artful and chaotic.

Municipal or organized recycling does not exist here.
Their river is the water desalinazation plant.
Their food is outsourced.

You can imagine, yes?

I came home with a couple straws and coffee lids from drinks that people bought me, and some plastic wrapping from items in our conference swag bags.

The bags themselves are made of recycled airbags and seatbelts (made in Canada!)

I also acquired some bubble wrap and plastic reusable coffee cups.

But the totally unavoidable items were airport related. Baggage tags and airline food items (glad i brought a fork), and stickers galore!

Durable and purposeful…for one day.

Thanks for reading. I will post more photos soon. Still recovering from the busy-life.



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