Heartbreaking Reality

I started watching this on the bus to school over a month ago – I watched part 3 of this: . I full on cried in public. In transit.

Watch Here– Part 3 is the meat of it, but start from Part 1 to get to know the players in the game.

“We’re nowhere near land, we’re nowhere near any other f*ckin’ ships, and it’s just flotsam city out here. All f*ckin’ plastic, too. All gross, sun-baked plastic. It’s absurd.” – Thomas Morton, VBS.TV.

“The whole thing’s kind of just, one big unfathomable bummer. I came out here expecting to see, like, a trash dump: pieces in the water that you can pull out, but instead what i got was an even ruder awakening.” – Thomas Morton, VBS.TV

“It’s a plastic fantastic world.” Captain Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research Foundation. “I think seeing this changes peoples perception of how serious the problem is.”

“We have to plant the seed of the future in the present.” – Charles Moore.

Full version:


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