List of things I miss:

  1. Chips.


Weird. I thought that I was going to have a real list happen. My mind went blank just now.
Perhaps I got used to my current plastic free possibilities and don’t feel the sense of lacking any longer.


I just miss chips so much that it took over my brainpower as soon as I thought of those crunchy little delights.


My mom is pretty cool and bought me a mandolin (not the music kind) slicer so that I can thinly slice whatever I want (potatoes, yams and beets) and then MAKE CHIPS.

Any bets on how long it will take me to get around to doing that?

**UPDATE** Celine and I made chips! We sliced potatoes, added oil and salt then tossed ’em in the oven. 12-15 minutes later we tasted our plastic free chips at the same time. There was cheering and jumping.

– Carol-Lynne


3 Comments to “List of things I miss:”

  1. those dang plastic bags from bulk sections.. if you can name an invention that gets those out of the picture- I will buy one-no maybe ten and never go back.
    OR totally biodegradable bags…but that feels like a bandaid approach….any ideas? Great work ladies!

    • At the Market on Yates I’ve ducked over to the bakery section and used their brown paper bags to put my bulk items into.

      But true, if they aren’t *there* and visible, we don’t think of the option we can’t see (usually). Maybe next shopping day I will position a stack of bags next to the plastic ones?

      I try to lead by example with highly visible cloth and paper bags

  2. That’s fantastic. I was wondering how to get away with bulk buying without those dang plastic bags…

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