We made a friend! Jocelyn!

Celine and I posted our blog updates onto our Facebook pages today and lots of lovely people popped up to read ’em and reconnect. (Thank you!)


So. Who is Jocelyn and why is she awesome? Here’s the story:

This whole blog started up because of the documentary-in-progress headed by Taina Uitto in Vancouver. A facebook group was created for the 10+ people/families who are participating in this Plastic Free 2012 challenge. I met Jocelyn through that group.

A few message exchanges later – Jocelyn revealed her own blog to me. I’m so excited to share a particular post with you. She is in Saskatchewan right now and has some great insight as to what it’s like to live there trying to be plastic free.

Here is an excerpt to demonstrate:

  • how lucky we are in BC comparatively
  • how hilarious Jocelyn is

“I feel really guilty for the compost I’ve already created that has not made it to a proper compost area. Should I just go dig a hole in the backyard and bury my scraps there? Is that legal?”

Read away and discover a fresh new prairie perspective: Enviromind!


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