Tips to reduce plastic in your life

Random waste at a local park – evil straws!

The Clean Bin Project screened at Victoria’s best monthly documentary screening series Open Cinema, maybe two years ago? That night is when this whole plastic-free living idea was born for me.

I want to honour Jen and Grant for leading by example and being ambitious enough to activate their media skills around the project; the result is not only a successful feature film, but a ripple effect of tipping regular folk over to the conscious consumption side of living.

Here is a link to The Clean Bin Project’s Top Ten Tips.

At this point in my plastic-free adventure I find myself focusing on #10:

Let businesses know how you feel. Leave your packaging at the till or mail it back to the manufacturer. Writing a letter or calling a company goes a long way; I almost always get a response of some kind.

Happy plastic-refusing Wednesday!

– Carol-Lynne


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