Adventures in Beer Gardening


A little while ago, I went to see a free JazzFest show here in Victoria. Somehow it was sunny and I was so glad to warm my skin after spending three mostly wet days in Port Renfrew for the Tall Tree Music Festival.

The JazzFest show was held in Centennial square and flanked by a beer garden. I ventured that-a-way with three friends leading me along.

Event volunteers checked ID at the entrance and attached wristbands to those of us of legal drinking age.

Right away I asked if I could just hold on to mine, or if they had stamps instead…No such luck.

So instead of being a whiny party pooper I joined my friends inside with wristband attached. Still whiny, but at least part of the party.

Then came the stunning realization that OF COURSE the beer garden serves beer in plastic cups. I’m well into my sixth month of this new lifestyle, and I didn’t think that far ahead. Duh.

I kept my cup, and reused it (though that request was met with difficulty from the bartenders).

After the show was done, I carried out my cup and the group wandered down to check out JumpShip, a bike-trick extra-ordinaire showcase and competition in the inner harbour. The kind folk serving Hoyne beer for this grittier beer garden crowd let me reuse my cup! In fact, they were excited to!

At the end of the day, I avoided a few cups, and held my tongue at the wasteful sights, but I’ve still got the plastic to remember the day by.


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