Guest Blog Post: “Plastic: Making the Cut”

Guest blogger: Darragh Grove-White of Victoria, BC.

 Darragh befriended Carol-Lynne sometime in 2011 and was affected directly by her Plastic Free 2012 pledge. Here is his account of how his awareness has changed his habits:

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Reducing the amount of plastics in my life has been an interesting process of baby steps these last few months. It’s something I’ve become more aware of in my day-to-day things that I do.  There are a couple of reasons I do it: one is because it oftentakes  1000+ years for plastics to fully decompose and secondly, many animals are dying because of the harmful ingestion of plastics in its many forms. The good news or, rather the optimistic side of me says that much of this is preventable, and I’m learning to do it in the little ways first.

When I buy six-packs now, I make a commitment to myself to cut the loops so no little critter or bird gets caught in them. When you see me with coffee, it’ll usually have no lid. In fact, I’m becoming quite stealthy walking around with hot, open cups of liquid these days. Also, when I’m in stores, I do my very best to refuse plastic bags and ask that they give it to the next person that needs it. Just three days ago I went to the grocery store and left with about 60 pounds of food in two brown bags that started to rip on my three block walk home! Sure it can be a bit inconvenient but it’s potentially life or death for another animal if I neglect it, I figure.

One place where I may be making one of the bigger differences is probably at work, however. I tend the bars at local theatres in town and I never give people straws with their drinks unless they explicitly ask. When people try ordering bottles of water, I usually get them a fresh glass with ice and lime and tell them how tap water is even better. It’s funny that even in the little ways, we can make big changes that are big because they add up over time. Although I’m only a few months in to my plastic awareness journey, it’s already feeling rewarding.

– Darragh


2 Responses to “Guest Blog Post: “Plastic: Making the Cut””

  1. You and I are on the same track, Darragh! Thanks for sharing your efforts! And thank you for not putting straws in drinks! I never need or want the straw, but I always forget to refuse it. I hate that it’s become the norm to put it in there! Do most bars provide tap water? I seem to remember a time, and maybe this is long gone now, when bars didn’t provide tap water and insisted that if you wanted water you had to buy a bottle from them. I hope those days are behind us and that profit seekers have wised up. Cheers!


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