Garbage garbage everywhere.


It can get pretty depressing out there, eh?

I’m helping a friend record a music video and we’re in an industrial area of Victoria. There is garbage everywhere.

I saw on the Facebook feed today that a new movie has been made about waste. It’s called Trashed . W atch the epic trailer here .

I think it’s important to know that it’s okay to feel upset and angry and frustrated about how wasteful humans are on a global scale. Its quite staggering, really.

It’s even more important to know that we can start changing our course. We have to. I think its the only option.

Think about how to affect this issue. Get to the source. Stop consuming so much plastic. Find alternatives. We are resourceful and born problem solvers.

Bring your own containers. Buy bulk and bring small cloth bags along. If you forget, go to the bakery and grab brown paper bags for your oats, quinoa, trail mix and cranberries.

Demand supplies that are sustainable and be vocal at your local store. Vote with your dollars. You are more powerful than you think.

Ha ha, this turned into a plea. Have a great day!

– Carol-Lynne


2 Comments to “Garbage garbage everywhere.”

  1. One thing I did is move so that I’m so close to most of my groceries that if I *do* forget a bag, I can just go back for it!

  2. Ha ha, you make it sound like you moved *just* so that it’s not a hassle to forget bags anymore!
    I can’t wait for your guest post Ben!

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