Travel Log: Las Vegas

I’ve been doing quite a bit of travelling recently for work and pleasure. I’ll be doing lots more in the next few months too! Travelling plastic free can be a bit of a challenge so I’m going to post some travel logs. Travel log number one coming at you!

Las Vegas

In May I was basically coerced (sorry Jay!) into spending three days in Las Vegas. The desert was incredible and the company was exquisite however the city itself lived up to my less than complimentary expectations.

Las Vegas is to the planet what plastic water bottles are to the ocean. Don’t believe the hype! The place is shallow, dirty and preaches over-consumption. Its like voluntarily having a love in with Jabba the hut… weird, sweaty and gluttonous. Everything there is disposable too so its the perfect plastic breeding ground.

I took my mason jar of course and was treated with the most “what are you some kind of hippy?” looks ever recorded in the History of Celine. My response, “You live in Las fucking Vegas, your entire life is a freak show. Don’t judge me”. Needless to say, in a city fuelled by alcoholic dreams the biggest plastic culprits were straws and various plastic drinking containers purchased for me by well meaning friends, family and less well-meaning lurkers.

Obviously, I was searched at customs upon re-entry to Canada and was greeted with some raised eyebrows (some of them admiring!) at my explanation on why I was carrying garbage back with me from the U.S. of A.



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