Meat packaged tattoos and other encounters with needles

For those of you who’ve never seen me naked, I’m a heavily tattooed lady. I got some work done several weeks ago and was packed in meat packing when it was over. I hadn’t ever considered the whole thing before and now feel a bit strange about the connotation there. Fresh meat indeed.



It made me think about other situations where I don’t have control over what materials are put on my body or used for my health. Like the dentist. Haven’t been to the dentist yet this plastic free year but I bet it’s not a pretty picture in the plastic department. Have any of you been to the dentist recently or is anyone going who can keep their eyes on their dentists clinics use of plastic? Last time I thought about that was back in ’07 when I was dating mine… MEYOW!


(Photo Credit: Wondering Fair)


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