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From the Waste Up – Life Without Plastic

Please click this link:–2/x/29271

The woman behind this documentary (about 6 families in Vancouver BC who gave up plastic for 2012) is the woman who inspired me and finally tipped me over the edge into taking my own “year of plastic free living” oath.

I owe so much to her and the participating families. They were a source of emotional support, creative solutions and recipes, and of course funny or often inspiring stories. These are the people who kept me going during the tougher times while refusing plastic became part of who I am.


Meat packaged tattoos and other encounters with needles

For those of you who’ve never seen me naked, I’m a heavily tattooed lady. I got some work done several weeks ago and was packed in meat packing when it was over. I hadn’t ever considered the whole thing before and now feel a bit strange about the connotation there. Fresh meat indeed.



It made me think about other situations where I don’t have control over what materials are put on my body or used for my health. Like the dentist. Haven’t been to the dentist yet this plastic free year but I bet it’s not a pretty picture in the plastic department. Have any of you been to the dentist recently or is anyone going who can keep their eyes on their dentists clinics use of plastic? Last time I thought about that was back in ’07 when I was dating mine… MEYOW!


(Photo Credit: Wondering Fair)


Garbage garbage everywhere.


It can get pretty depressing out there, eh?

I’m helping a friend record a music video and we’re in an industrial area of Victoria. There is garbage everywhere.

I saw on the Facebook feed today that a new movie has been made about waste. It’s called Trashed . W atch the epic trailer here .

I think it’s important to know that it’s okay to feel upset and angry and frustrated about how wasteful humans are on a global scale. Its quite staggering, really.

It’s even more important to know that we can start changing our course. We have to. I think its the only option.

Think about how to affect this issue. Get to the source. Stop consuming so much plastic. Find alternatives. We are resourceful and born problem solvers.

Bring your own containers. Buy bulk and bring small cloth bags along. If you forget, go to the bakery and grab brown paper bags for your oats, quinoa, trail mix and cranberries.

Demand supplies that are sustainable and be vocal at your local store. Vote with your dollars. You are more powerful than you think.

Ha ha, this turned into a plea. Have a great day!

– Carol-Lynne


Tips to reduce plastic in your life

Random waste at a local park – evil straws!

The Clean Bin Project screened at Victoria’s best monthly documentary screening series Open Cinema, maybe two years ago? That night is when this whole plastic-free living idea was born for me.

I want to honour Jen and Grant for leading by example and being ambitious enough to activate their media skills around the project; the result is not only a successful feature film, but a ripple effect of tipping regular folk over to the conscious consumption side of living.

Here is a link to The Clean Bin Project’s Top Ten Tips.

At this point in my plastic-free adventure I find myself focusing on #10:

Let businesses know how you feel. Leave your packaging at the till or mail it back to the manufacturer. Writing a letter or calling a company goes a long way; I almost always get a response of some kind.

Happy plastic-refusing Wednesday!

– Carol-Lynne