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The Midway Project

The Midway Project

In case you were wondering what the status of the The Midway Project is, check out their successfully funded crowdfunding campaign.

Watch the video to see and hear what Chris Jordan’s multiple visits to Midway uncovered. How can a life *not* be changed by this poisonous state of Earth?

Hopefully you have someone near you that you can hug after watching.


NOAA’s Update from Midway Atoll

NOAA’s Update from Midway Atoll

Thirteen days into this twenty-one day mission has yielded nine metric tons of waste so far.

When I was a kid, I considered being a garbage(wo)man for a short time. But now, I can be part of a marine debris team!

Maybe the next generation will have the option of joining a land debris team where they will survey, measure and remove waste from abandoned neighbourhoods. There are definitely ghost towns ripe for the picking!


Journey to Midway Island

Journey to Midway Island by Kris Krug
Journey to Midway Island, a photo by Kris Krug on Flickr.

Fairy tern on Midway Island.

Photo by Kris Krug.


Across Canada Plastic Free?

On Friday my fella and I are embarking on a five week long adventure across Canada!

Here’s our approximate route from Victoria to P.E.I. and back.

We’re going to be travelling in this Van

Cornelius. Our little elephant van

With this dog

Loup is a wonderful driver

We’ll also be carrying lots of mason jars and a blender.

Some plastic things that I already have that will be coming with us are: Our backpacks, tent, hammock, some utensils that we’ve had since our epic adventure to Haida Gwaii last year, and our cooler.

I would love some tips from the community on the best ways to travel plastic free! Or better yet, if you see your town on our route, drop me a line and you can show us your favourite spots!