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I Got an Office Job. Yes I Did.

Recently I signed up for something that I’ve always said I didn’t want in life: a desk.

But here I am! I’ve got it all: desk, phone, computer and cup of paper clips. I sit in the corner of my boss’ office which is tucked inside the marketing department’s office (the only offices available to us at this time), and we’re all inside a copper roofed structure, built in 1978, that contains a beautiful auditorium which I have keys to!

Aforementioned boss conveniently went on vacation during my 2+3rd weeks of employment and that was when I realized that office supplies didn’t appear in the Mary Poppins drawer of manifestation. *Gulp* I had to ask around to figure out how to ‘get things’. So I did.

I definitely furrowed a brow or two—or nine—asking and phoning around trying to source my analog organizational needs: “So, there isn’t a place where discarded office supplies go to wait for new homes?” and “Where is the room full of leftover office supplies or surplus on campus?” and “Surely I don’t have to buy anything new, there must be hundreds of unused items around!”

I was told to order from ‘the company’ by sending my coworker an email identifying my choices with the  codes from the online catalogue.
I obediently sat in front of my computer monitor, clicking away on ‘the company’ site looking for plastic free items. About a minute later I had already wandered here: Green Apple Supply. I MARVELED at the idea that plastic free highlighters come in packs of four for under five dollars! I also found a typo on their website, so I had an excuse to send them this little note:

Plastic Free Office Supply Website

Sadly, I didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t about to go around making financially unusual decisions while at work. So I went back to ‘the other company’ site and e-mailed my order as per protocol: Rolodex for my boss, agenda, notepad and pack of post-its.

I then wandered out for a coffee and to follow my curiosity to the campus bookstore. LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Plastic Free Highlighters
There you have it folks. Times are changing. Hope is restored. I can finally sleep.
Anyway. I’m keeping my plastic ‘unavoidables’ at work in a separate bag. So far only post-it note wrapping, a stapleless stapler, the stand my computer monitor sits on (used, not new!), and two pens I pillaged from my boss’ cup’o’pens.
I really enjoy this lifestyle change, or ‘project’, and I’m grateful for choosing it. There are some really great benefits:
  1. I spend less money
  2. I am getting better at having awkward social interactions
  3. I eat better, with more thought
  4. I appreciate treats so much more (eg. free for all chips in a bowl at a barbecue social)
  5. Every time I find or *make* an alternative item/product, I feel like I’m winning a game I forgot I was playing
  6. People are getting excited about it and sharing their experiences: Roz, Darragh, Ben
  7. I spend less money.

Once again, thanks so much for reading. I have a whole back order of photos and stories to tell. It’s been a busy summer!
Take care,


PS. Here is something I watched at the beginning of my day.


Plastic in Doha.


I recently returned from a week long conference in Doha, Qatar.

The city has completely transformed over a handful of years. The skyline is artful and chaotic.

Municipal or organized recycling does not exist here.
Their river is the water desalinazation plant.
Their food is outsourced.

You can imagine, yes?

I came home with a couple straws and coffee lids from drinks that people bought me, and some plastic wrapping from items in our conference swag bags.

The bags themselves are made of recycled airbags and seatbelts (made in Canada!)

I also acquired some bubble wrap and plastic reusable coffee cups.

But the totally unavoidable items were airport related. Baggage tags and airline food items (glad i brought a fork), and stickers galore!

Durable and purposeful…for one day.

Thanks for reading. I will post more photos soon. Still recovering from the busy-life.