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I Got an Office Job. Yes I Did.

Recently I signed up for something that I’ve always said I didn’t want in life: a desk.

But here I am! I’ve got it all: desk, phone, computer and cup of paper clips. I sit in the corner of my boss’ office which is tucked inside the marketing department’s office (the only offices available to us at this time), and we’re all inside a copper roofed structure, built in 1978, that contains a beautiful auditorium which I have keys to!

Aforementioned boss conveniently went on vacation during my 2+3rd weeks of employment and that was when I realized that office supplies didn’t appear in the Mary Poppins drawer of manifestation. *Gulp* I had to ask around to figure out how to ‘get things’. So I did.

I definitely furrowed a brow or two—or nine—asking and phoning around trying to source my analog organizational needs: “So, there isn’t a place where discarded office supplies go to wait for new homes?” and “Where is the room full of leftover office supplies or surplus on campus?” and “Surely I don’t have to buy anything new, there must be hundreds of unused items around!”

I was told to order from ‘the company’ by sending my coworker an email identifying my choices with the  codes from the online catalogue.
I obediently sat in front of my computer monitor, clicking away on ‘the company’ site looking for plastic free items. About a minute later I had already wandered here: Green Apple Supply. I MARVELED at the idea that plastic free highlighters come in packs of four for under five dollars! I also found a typo on their website, so I had an excuse to send them this little note:

Plastic Free Office Supply Website

Sadly, I didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t about to go around making financially unusual decisions while at work. So I went back to ‘the other company’ site and e-mailed my order as per protocol: Rolodex for my boss, agenda, notepad and pack of post-its.

I then wandered out for a coffee and to follow my curiosity to the campus bookstore. LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Plastic Free Highlighters
There you have it folks. Times are changing. Hope is restored. I can finally sleep.
Anyway. I’m keeping my plastic ‘unavoidables’ at work in a separate bag. So far only post-it note wrapping, a stapleless stapler, the stand my computer monitor sits on (used, not new!), and two pens I pillaged from my boss’ cup’o’pens.
I really enjoy this lifestyle change, or ‘project’, and I’m grateful for choosing it. There are some really great benefits:
  1. I spend less money
  2. I am getting better at having awkward social interactions
  3. I eat better, with more thought
  4. I appreciate treats so much more (eg. free for all chips in a bowl at a barbecue social)
  5. Every time I find or *make* an alternative item/product, I feel like I’m winning a game I forgot I was playing
  6. People are getting excited about it and sharing their experiences: Roz, Darragh, Ben
  7. I spend less money.

Once again, thanks so much for reading. I have a whole back order of photos and stories to tell. It’s been a busy summer!
Take care,


PS. Here is something I watched at the beginning of my day.