The Challenge

Our grandmothers didn’t have plastic.

Plastics, organic polymers for you nerdy chemistry types, are relatively new kids on the block. In the last 70 odd years those polymers have been busy bees! Plastic is inside of and all around us. It measures our time, makes us bread, and holds life-giving liquids. We play with it, build with it, and eat with it. We celebrate plastics, and then we throw them away.

Since the 1950s, one billion tons of plastic have been discarded. They may stick around for hundreds or even thousands of years, in our landfills, on our streets, parks, lakes, in our oceans. Plastic is invading and it’s a problem.

Is not just problematic because its threatening to fill our entire planet and drown us in slow moving little plastic tsunamis, it’s problematic because plastic was created to throw away. It’s the poster boy for overconsumption, disposable goods and at the root of things it’s a product and a driver of a perpetual economic growth idea that’s gone too far.

Our planet has changed a lot since our grandmothers first heard of Tupperware parties or windshield wipers. We aren’t sure that we like the direction its going and this project is our way to inspire a shift.

We are inspired to live 2012 without plastic.

There will be challenges and unexpected rewards. Our hope is that by sharing our experience we’ll help others take whatever steps they can to shake off their plastic shackles.

We promise to never claim that it is easy, changing your life seldom is. We promise to be honest, to follow through with the mission and to always have the most fun possible while changing our little corner of the world.

So here are the rules:

1. Each of us has one small cloth bag (The Sin Bin). If we do end up buying something that is plastic (fruit stickers are big culprit), we’ll keep them and put them in the bag. At the end of the year we’ll be able to see exactly how much plastic was unavoidable in our lives.

2. All plastic things qualify; it doesn’t matter if it’s hard, soft or recycled.

3. We’ll accept gifts from people even if there’s plastic in them (rejecting gifts is just rude)

4. We can reuse items that we had BEFORE January 1st 2012. We are not wealthy enough to just do a purge and buy all new things and obviously we’d like to encourage reuse of plastic items instead of discarding them!

5. We’ll post weekly, if not daily, blogs about our adventures and journey for your reading and viewing pleasure.


Tell us what YOU think!

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